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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my money go?

By default, all donations that come through Our Common Cents are processed as "unrestricted" donations. This means that the organization receiving the donations will use the money as they see fit.

Additionally, organizations now have the ability to add specific initiatives towards which their donations will be used. If an organization has set one of these up, then you can specify that you would like your donation put towards that initiative. You can also add notes to any subscription if you need to further limit the use of those funds.

Check our home page frequently as we will post updates about how various organizations have used Our Common Cents to improve your community!

How does security work?

In this day and age, security is a huge concern for any online organization and Our Common Cents is no exception. We take security very seriously and stay up to date on all of the industry standard techniques.

To further keep your mind at ease, remember that all transaction information is handled through PayPal. Our Common Cents does not store credit card, debit card, or bank account information. We are simply the means by which donors can find a newer, simpler way to donate.

That being said, we do also encourage periodic changing of your passwords and clearing of your browser cookies.

How do the processing fees work?

Since the ultimate goal of Our Common Cents is to raise money for our non-profit partners, we try to keep our service as affordable as possible for them. We accomplish this by taking a "shared burden" approach. This means that both the donor and the organization share the burden of paying for the services. We simply tack on a little to each donation which means that more money will make it to the organization.

An example:

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt wants to give a $3.00 weekly donation to Monsters University.

Donation Donation Addition Total Donation PayPal Fee Our Common Cents Fee Total To Monsters University
$3.00 $0.35 $3.35 $0.40 $0.17 $2.79

Note that $2.79 is 93% of the original donation, so a the vast majority of your donation makes it all the way to the organization!

How is this different from the United Way?

First of all, we should say that the United Way is a wonderful organization that has been doing great work for many years. We will go over some differences between us and them, but note that we are not disparaging their approach to fundraising. Ours is just different.

Here are some of those differences:

  1. You are not donating to Our Common Cents. You are donating directly to an organization. With United Way, you donate to them and they distribute the funds.
  2. United Way has grant based distribution of their funds. Since the donations through Our Common Cents are directly to the organization, there is no grant writing or approval etc...
  3. Our Common Cents is meant to be an donation enablement tool. Though we will be running promotional campaigns, they will be nothing in comparison to the large fundraising campaigns run by the United Way. Because of this approach, we are able keep to our own costs very low which in turn allows the vast majority (over 90% in most cases) of the money that comes through our site to actually make it to the organizations we support.

Have other questions?

Reach out to us here. We'd love to hear from you!